NEAT Fair 2004 (September 18)

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It was a little soggier than usual this way, thanks to our tropical friend Ivan.

On the way to my Dad's house, the Lopatcong Creek (normally 4 feet wide and 6" deep) was a little over her banks. By about 4' at road level.

Just downstream from the road she flooded this paddock.

Another view of the paddock.

On Route 30, just about a half mile from the bridge to cross over to the campground, God provided a waterfall.

The photos don't do justice to the beauty, even in the destruction around this. It was great.

Several of us stopped here to admire it. Kinda reminds me of Moses striking the Rock for water for the Israelites.

Inside the campground, the East Branch is normally on the far side of that island of trees.

It came up overnight, and around noon was still rising about 4" per hour.
There's a LOT of water flowing here!

Just a few photos of the bridge entering the campground area.

Normally the river is about 30' wide and 6-12" deep (other years).

This is a shot of the water after it has passed under the bridge (right to left flow).

And normally my kids could walk under the bridge and not have to worry about bumping their heads.

Normally this is about 800' from the river bank. In the background, some of the trailers had only a foot above water.