F-22 Raptor Electric Pusher Jet Page


Right now the F-22 is a design I'm working on with a 2' span
as a testbed for a larger and faster version later. Plans are
not available at this time, but may be in the future.
2009-08-15 Takeoff Attempt (4.5M)
The prop hit the dolly, flipping the plane on its back. As a result,
the dolly was modified and more control authority was given to the

2009-08-29 Maiden Flight (9M)
Rather than attempting a dolly launch, we hand-launched the F-22.
The first attempt failed due to being nose-heavy. We moved the battery
as far back as possible and tried again, SUCCESSFULLY! It's still a bit
nose-heavy, though.

2009-09-03 Dolly Takeoff (14M)
This time we had a modified dolly and started with the same CG as
the successful flight last time. The motor was changed from a 2000Kv
with a 6x4 to a 2700Kv (EFLM2005) and a 4.75x4.75. We were a little
understaffed (DOGS week), so we tried the dolly. And again. And again.
Next time the dolly will be replaced with a wider one to handle the top-heavy
and too-flexible setup.
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