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The Gulfstream IIe logo as it appears on the wings
of the prototypes is available as a download. Simply click this link.
The Gulfstream IIe is available as a short kit from Manzano Laser.
To order one, contact Charlie and let him know you want one.
At the time of this writing, the cost is $38.00 + $8.00 shipping.

The short kit includes all the laser-cut balsa and ply parts.
You need to provide your own
leading edge sheet, spars, sticks, triangle, hardware, etc.
Rafael Alcaraz Photos
(construction & completed)
2008 Nov 28 (4.5M, no sound)
Rafael's Gulfstream
My computer was acting up, and
as a result this video came through
without sound. It is of my first
flight on the original (blue) plane
along with my son Ian's first.
(Previous flights had been made by
a friend who is a far better pilot).
As it was quite cold and windy, the
flights were short, totalling about
12 minutes.
Link to MexicoRC Build Thread (en espanol)

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