110% Python with Blitzer wings
Flying at the LVRCS Field
2004 November 26

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110% Python/Blitzer
Designer: Mark Rittinger (scaled to 110%)
Builder: Andy Kunz
Wingspan 32" (Blitzer wings mated to 110% Python fuselage)
Power: Mega 16/15/4, Graupner 6x3 folder
Fuel: 10 KAN 1050 cells
Throttle: TMM

The pilot in this video is Andy Kunz.

The plane is owned by Andy Kunz and was taped by Ian Kunz.

This was the maiden flight which lasted approximately 6 minutes. The pack was about 3/4 used up. We were flying in about 15 MPH winds with gusts over 20!

Takeoff (4.2 Meg)

Fly-By (3.8 Meg)

Landing (3.6 Meg)