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Electric Pusher Jet
F-22 Raptor
The F-22 page includes images from the development of the first model prototype.
It will be a future construction article. For now, I'm just working on making it reliable.
Electric 'Classic Pattern'!
Gulfstream IIe
The Gulfstream IIe page includes images from other builders,
links to build threads, and more.

The Gulfstream was a construction article in the September 2009
Flying Models magazine. Get your plans
by ordering plan number CD377 by calling them at +1-908-383-3355. Order a copy of the
issue, too, so you can use the assembly instructions.

A short kit is available from Manzano Laser for $38.00 + $8.00 shipping.
The short kit includes only the laser cut parts. You need to provide your own sheeting for
the leading edge caps, spars, triangle, square stock, etc.
Very Pretty Airplane!
X-250 Maiden Flight
Something Unusual
Clough-designed Flying Saucer Maiden Flight
Plane Videos Videos

2008-04-08 Ian's Rittinger P-51 Maiden
(Updated 2009-08-18)

2005-06-11 LVRCS E-Fly - Grandpa 92 with onboard video

2005-06-11 LVRCS E-Fly - F-27 Stryker with onboard video

2004-05-15 Hope Fun Fly - ELECTRIC SHOESTRING

2004-05-13 - ELECTRIC SHOESTRING Second Flight

2004-11-26 110% Python/Blitzer Maiden

Rain Rain Go Away!
2004 NEAT Fair
Heidi's First Flight
Heidi's First Flight
Frank's Ryan
Frank Gelatka's Ryan
Python Images
Python Pylon P-51
Aerial Photos
Images from Above
From the LVRCS E-Fly 2003
LVRCS E-Fly 2003
Reading Warbirds Weekend 2003
Reading Air Show 2003
Giant Scale C-130 Hercules
C-130 Hercules

My First Pythons
& Other Old Stuff

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